Saturday, October 25, 2008

Which One ?!

Which one is ?!
Ronald Agustinus or Ronald Augustinus ?!

Based on my ID Card & Drive License my name was Ronald Augustinus. But thats name sounds strange at my Ears. I knew my name was Ronald Augustinus, at the time when i make my ID card. First time, i thought it was a mistake. Then i realized, i'm the one who make this BIG Mistake . There's nothing wrong with my name at kindergarten. I change my own name since primary school. Every single book that i had was marked as Ronald Agustinus.
There's something that i worry about. When i wanna apply for a job, which name should I use for ?!!? Ronald Augustinus which based on ID card, or Ronald Agustinus which based on my Academic qualification ?!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My First Time

This is my first day, at this Blog.
Wanna know if there's anything which i can share to all of yu... :D

Btw, i've just finished my Dota's Game..
And Of course, it's my Victory :)

FYI, DOta is my FAVE FAVE game...
It's been so hard to live without played dota

For everyone who addicted so much like me...
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